Technology Leadership

Common Technology Team Management Challenges

Tech folks aren't not all the same and business managers struggle to make each individual's work experience rewarding. The following are highlights of some of these challenges:

  • Motivation, Rewarding & Retention
  • Balancing Values and Priorities
  • Optimally Streamlining and Aligning Business Agility with Technology Workflow
  • Empowering and Supporting Tech Team Productivity within Orgnizational Guidelines

Offshore Team Management Challenges

The perceived cost advantages causes organizations to engage offshore services as a means to stretch out their IT Dollar. The following are some of the challenges that supercedes the advantages that offshore outsourcing engagements:

  • The time difference can be good or bad
  • Cultural communication differences
  • Managing high (20-50%) workforce attrition rates
  • Information getting lost in transition
  • Biased technology spcializations
  • Hidden costs

Our Virtual CIO Services

  • Eliminate business impact due to a sudden loss of technology leadership.
  • Build systems that increase business efficiency and productivity
  • Maximize use of technology budget to creates a better bottom line
  • Industry & technology leadership made available on demand.
  • Technology solutions to perfectly align with your business objectives.