Synerjix Data Services

Synerjix Data Feed Management

Formats: Business data feeds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Such data may come in structured or non-structured formats and could be generated within the company or may be brought in from external sources.

Lifecycle: Efficient business data processing must go through a lifecycle of capturing, cleansing, transforming, enhancing, grouping and staging data content before it is analyzed and presented to stakeholders and decision makers.

Accuracy: Inaccurate, inconsistent or missing data may result in bad decision-making.

Organization: Synerjix data feed tools and solutions can help you organize, streamline and document your data flow that will enable you to make effective decisions. Presentation: Synerjix empowers cultivation of a goal and performance driven data culture via compiling relevant data and presenting information effectively via dashboards.

Synerjix Data Processing, Analytics and Reporting

Enhanced Analysis: Managerial Ad Hoc reporting and related analysis may require additional parameters and dependency metrics to be included in your business data

Cost/Time: Your IT organization may have Budget and/or Resource Constraints as these untimely requirements may not be consistent and vary day by day

Support: Business Managers who seek to bring together system inputs with their own decision metrics may not get timely assistance from the IT folks

Turnkey: Synerjix will be able to bridge in this gap by acting as an extension of your IT department to provide services "on demand". Our proprietary Integration tools will enable you to seamlessly and securely engage Synerjix to fulfill these needs

Synerjix Data Integration

The Need: The need to integrate systems began when the second computer arrived at the firm. Integration allows a manager to save time, manage costs and reduce complexity by bringing disparate systems together

Bringing Together: Multiple separated platforms can now work together as a cohesive unit to help improve the quality of decision-making within the enterprise

Standalone: Our integration capabilities will help you to use your current legacy hardware and its endemic software longer and unify incongruous software packages and reduce the need for entire new 'software suites'

Geographical Distribution: We can bridge disparate systems scattered at multiple geographic locations