Synerjix Delivery Models

At our consulting practice, we keep sight of the human factors in developing interactive solutions for systems. This helps us build systems and solutions that evolve around essential business needs and human factors. We have broadly categorized our services into the following delivery categories:

Strategic Partnership / Alliance

As organizations grow, simple IT projects often become complex, and sometimes daunting, chores. If your IT department is devoting its attention to the rigorous daily demands of managing the existing business environment, employ the services of Synerjix as a resource enhancement. Using our services and facilities for your development activities could be the most cost-effective means of satisfying new business requirements. For a fraction of the cost and trouble, Synerjix can make availble a wide spectrum of skills and expertise while your staff stays on top of the daily business needs.

Tactical Solutions

The key to success in business is resource flexibility having the right resources, whether they are turn key projects or technology man power, at the right time at the right cost. In this globally competitive market, we are not afforded the luxury of months to wait on resolving imminent business requirements; rather this needs to be thought about in terms of hours or weeks. Today, more than ever, establishing partnerships that allow quick access to reliable resources is essential. Synerjix has the vision, resources and technology to consistently deliver technical professionals at the time you need them.

Solutions Right Now!!!

Whether you need a solution hosted internally or as a SaaS model, you need a quicker "time to market" delivery approach. There are a number of technology solutions that we have built over a long period of time that can be put to use for our clients with no or minimal customization. Developing prototypes brings about the evolution of a new standard or modification of an existing standard. Developing such prototypes and solutions comes from both the need to satisfy enterprise users and lower end users and the need for quality control and standardization.