DatMobil: Data Integration Solutions

Developing Integration Prototypes brings about the evolution of a new standard or modification of an existing standard to satisfy enterprise users and lower end users and to control quality and ensure standardization. Over the years, Synerjix has derived many solutions that are built utilizing the DatMobil Integration Platform.

DatMobil is an internet based Application and Data Integration Solution that provides Quick, Secure, Easy and Cost Effective ways to collaborate with Business Partners and Suppliers DatMobil is designed using a cross-platform, effective and efficient architecture that can be customized to fit your specific needs...

Utilizing DatMobil, Distributed Enterprises can create intelligent data communications environment which is Easy to Install, Configure, Manage and Maintain. DatMobil uses the Store and Forward Methodology assuring Uninterrupted Communications between Application Nodes and the Hub Communications Components.

  • Quick and automated way to collaborate with Business Partners securely over the internet in near real-time

  • Authenticates servers, encrypts data at the document level and provide signed receipts for full non-repudiation.

  • Creates audit trail of sent and received documents throughout various stages of document processing

  • Ensures that each document is delivered “exactly once” by tracking the document and its return confirmation

  • Fast implementation and application non-intrusive integration

  • Auto recovery and restart in case of lost connectivity in the middle of transmission

  • Problem notification feature sends email to data owners and system administrators

  • System tools to invoke data exchange on demand